How much photo retouching is too much?

Supermodel’s Photoshop Horror

A former Sports Illustrated cover model is suing an Estee Lauder company for allegedly damaging her career with a fake promo using a Photoshopped picture of her. The suit is the latest wrinkle in the global phenomenon of photo retouching.

An interesting example of this type of photo retouching is this Dove Evolution piece.

Here’s another piece by Tom Piper commissioned by Dove called “Beauty Pressure.”

Reminds me of the documentary America the Beautiful (available on Netflix) which takes up the theme of our obsession with beauty and our standards of thinness, among other things.

The chicken-egg of this is, are advertisers (producers, editors, retouchers) leading us to want certain things, or are they responding to what they perceive (correctly or incorrectly) as our desire for these things?

No doubt it’s a bit of both.

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