Black bear on car in Yosemite

Black bear on car in Yosemite

July, 1969, Yosemite Park, California. I took this out our car window against my father’s advice. We went to Yosemite as a family each year until I went away to college; my parents continued to go for many years after. Those were amazing years in Yosemite and we even experienced the famous Yosemite Firefall where park rangers got a pile of logs burning on top of Glacier Point and pushed the embers over the 3000′ cliff to the delight of the tourists below (well, not directly below).

Yes, we went to Ansel Adams’ slide lectures and met him numerous times at his gallery in the Valley.

Those were the days. A few years later I was back in Yosemite as a climber. Those were even better days.


  1. You got to actually MEET Ansel Adams??? So jealous… 🙂

    That’s awesome! I like the photo and the story as well. I’ve seen some prints from Ansel Adams in various museums (amazing tonal depth to them and much smaller in size than I was expecting), but would have *killed* to have met him in person.

    Would have liked to have seen the firefall, but only went to Yosemite once — right around the same time period (around 1968), but in the summer not the winter.

    1. Actually, some of Adams’ prints were huge. I’ve seen the “Monolith” print of Half Dome where he first used the red filter printed quite large (maybe not by him), it was maybe 6′ tall.

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