Flash memory comes of age

Flash Memory — the Hottest Enterprise IT Trend You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s not just in all of Apple’s portable devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) but in almost every other portable device on the planet and the MacBook Air and non Mac counterparts are leading the way for flash memory storage in laptop computers. And, solid state drives (SSDs or flash hard drives) are now finding their way into desktop computers and as the article says, servers.

It runs faster, cooler, and quieter (no moving parts) and has the potential to be cheaper than mechanical hard disks. That day will come as more of the computer and device world moves to flash memory.

One of the many things I loved about the various Rio mp3 players I had was flash memory. One of the things I loved about the AlphaSmart was flash memory. It’s what compact flash and secure digital camera storage cards use and it’s in more and more things as it gets cheaper and more copious.

One of the many reasons I’ve decided to keep my current MacBook Pro and upgrade its internal hard disk to an SSD is to wait on buying a new Macintosh until they all use solid state storage devices. That day is coming, maybe sooner than later.

I’ll post on the SSD upgrade later this week when I get it and do the upgrade. Stay tuned.

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