HyperCard Snow Crystals

snowcrystalsIn the mid 1980’s I was deeply into a development tool called HyperCard and made hundreds of “stacks” (little applications) which I both sold and gave away.

For those who don’t remember it or never got into it, HyperCard, developed by then Apple Fellow Bill Atkinson was a highly addictive development tool that had a cult following. It was my first experience with application development and I got hooked.

I made so many HyperCard stacks in fact that I lost track of many of them and when HyperCard eventually died and stacks were difficult to keep running on modern hardware and operating systems I moved on.

Recently I heard from someone named Sandra who had one of my old stacks: a collection of scanned black and white images of snow crystals that if memory serves visually morph from one to the next as the stack flips through its cards. Sandra wanted permission to put the stack online and of course I was glad to give it given that I’d forgotten that I’d ever made it. For those who have the means or interest to run it, here it is: Snow Crystals.

Another one of my stacks that got a bit more recognition was The Bee.

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