Appalachian Trail, southern Massachusetts

Appalachian Trail, southern Massachusetts

East of Sheffield, MA. I’m standing on a ridge on the Appalachian trail in southern Massachusetts. From this vantage point you can see across the valley to the southern Berkshires. The AT crosses the valley from where I am to that ridge just out of frame on the right, then descends into Connecticut after going over Jug End, Mt. Everett, Mr. Race, and through Sage’s Ravine where it crosses the border at the foot of Bear Mountain.

We’ve hiked every inch of the trail on that ridge in every season dozens of times and it’s some of the best hiking in Southern New England. We’re now pushing up into central Massachusetts to connect up with Mt. Greylock which we’ve hiked many times as well.

The hike we did here, which started at Rt. 7 in Sheffield and will end at Rt. 23 in Great Barrington was fantastic and highly recommended if you’re in this area.

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