How to get a stuck CD out of a Toyota Tacoma

Even though I’ve had an iPod since they came out and sometimes use mine in my truck, I generally make CD mixes to play in my 2004 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.

This morning a CD that I’d left in the truck’s stereo wouldn’t play and wouldn’t eject. In other words it was stuck and the stereo was showing an error code (03) on its LCD.

After messing with it for a while I called the local Toyota dealer who told me that they’d have to remove the stereo from the truck and send it out and it could cost a minimum of $200. I also called two car stereo dealerships who gave me high quotes although not that much.

A bit of searching on the web and I found a few obscure notes in forums saying that in some cases, disconnecting the car/truck battery and then reconnecting it will eject the CD. The theory here is that if you disconnect the battery and then reconnect it everything electrical in the vehicle will revert to its default state on power up.

I wasn’t hopeful this would work but I figured I’d try it.

Opened the hood, un-bolted the red, positive terminal from the battery, left it off for a few seconds, bolted it back, got in the truck and put key in, turned it one click to get power to stereo and amazingly the CD popped out without me even hitting the eject button.

I wonder if the Toyota dealer would have done this and still charged me the $200? They certainly could have told me to try it if they had any sense of customer service.

I can’t guarantee that this will work in all cases but it sure doesn’t hurt to try it no matter what kind of car or truck you have.


  1. Just try your advice and it work all three stuck CD have be remove thanks BTW do not remove the positive cable red ! Remind the negative one no spark thank you

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