iPhone 4 and “antennaegate”

Apple held an iPhone 4 Press Conference today and Steve Jobs showed how iPhone4 reception compares with other leading smart phones. All phones seem to lose reception when gripped tightly and regain reception when gripped loosely.

I happen to agree with Jobs that this entire “antennaegate” issue is way overblown. I have absolutely no problems with my iPhone4, none, and I love the new features in it. It’s a fantastic phone and is a joy to use. I’ve only dropped a single call in the entire time I’ve had it (on Brace Mountain in the Taconic Range) and here in my office I have only 2-3 bars of reception on a good day and have never dropped a call.

Jobs said I’m going to get a credit for the bumper I bought already (for protection, not improved reception) and that’s fine by me. Everyone gets a free bumper with iPhone4 now, a goodwill gesture and a good move by Apple.

I did the iOS 4.0.1 software update earlier through iTunes and it works just fine on my iPhone4.

If you’re on the fence on iPhone4 I have to say, don’t believe the hype, it’s an incredible tool that will blow your mind.

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