AT&T Sucks (I guess I’m late to find out)

Let me preface this by saying I’m in no huge rush for a new iPhone. I can wait, no problem.

I pre-ordered an iPhone at our local, New Milford AT&T store the very first day it was possible. I was told I’d have a phone the day they went on sale. That day has come and gone and each day that store gets new phones in and they say my phone is not in yet. Each day at 7 am there are people lined up outside the store who did not pre-order a phone and AT&T is selling them phones.

Maybe I’m just dim but it would seem to me that they’d fill pre-orders first, then sell what’s left to walk-ins but in fact, they’re being greedy: they already have my money and they’re selling the new stock to walk-ins keeping me on hold.

I just called them and they said they have no idea when “my phone” will be in but I didn’t know ordering a phone meant Apple was custom building one for me (they are not) or that they were ordering a phone through Apple’s ordering system for me (they are not).

This is the worst possible way to build customer loyalty and while I’m not absolutely sure Apple wouldn’t do this too, I’m quite sure I’d have had a phone days ago had I simply ordered it direct from Apple the first day they were available.

AT&T sucks.

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