Ten Mile River to Bulls Bridge

The start of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut

Hiking the beginning of the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut: Ten Mile River to Bull’s Bridge. This is a nice, 4 mile hike that’s not hard and can be done in snow (like this day).

Richard, Loren, and Dave on top of Ten Mile Hill

Me, Loren, and Dave on top of Ten Mile Hill. I used an ultrapod to velcro the G11 to a tree to take this. Of course, the wind picked up and the tree started moving.

Looking north up the Housatonic River to Kent

Looking north up the Housatonic River to Kent. This is a great overlook and the ridge on the left is the last hike that Dave and I did which was very tough and wiped us out. At the end of that hike is Kent and past that is Caleb’s Peak which is another great hike on the AT.

Ice and reflection on Ten Mile River

Ice and reflection on Ten Mile River.

This was my last picture of the day. Right after taking it, camera still turned on with lens extended and LCD folded out, I tripped over a rock buried in deep snow and did a face/camera plant in a snow drift. The Canon G11 was completely covered with snow and ice and while I wasn’t physically hurt in the fall, I was totally humiliated.

I got cleaned up and did a bit of cleaning on the camera, turned it off and wrapped it in clean paper towels left over from lunch and put it in my pack.

When I got home I put a clean towel on a table, took camera out of bag, took card and battery out of camera, wiped everything down with a micro fiber cloth and put an over head lamp on it to slowly dry it out.

I left it like this all night and resisted the urge to check it out until this morning. This morning I wiped everythign down again, charged up the battery, unloaded the card onto my computer, put battery and card back in camera and turned it on.

With lens extended I used some lens cleaning solution to clean it up, a micro fiber cloth to clean up the extended lens barrel and LCD screen and erased the card.

I took a few pictures, the camera seems to work fine, so far.

I’m quite amazed as the camera was completely covered with wet snow and ice. I thank my lucky stars this was the G11 and not the 5D although I think the DSLR might have stood up to it even better. Still, Canon made the G11 sturdier than I thought and add to that I’m extremely lucky and you have a nice end to what was potentially an expensive outing.

Karma being what it is, I almost killed myself this morning clearing snow off our driveway. I hope that’s all the Karmic feedback I’ll get from this "event."

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