New MacBook Pros

New MacBook Pros today

Apple is doing a “notebook event” today and it looks like the MacBook Pro line is getting an overhaul.

A new iMac-style black border around the display.
A single-piece aluminum frame. No more chintzy plastic trim along the edges and seams.
No more physical latch.
MacBook Air-style black keyboard.

The new frame is something I’ve been pushing for years as the fit and finish on the current frame has been going downhill. I’m delighted they’re doing this.

There is a new graphics card in this MacBook Pro and possibly the ability to add a second one. And, it’s glossy screen only. This is an obvious push for those of us using the built in screen for image editing to get on the bus and get an external display. Hopefully they’ll have new displays at some point too and make them affordable.

It may be that they’ve dropped the 17″ model. If so, this too would support the push to external monitors for video and image editing.

It’s all good news and while I don’t need a new machine at the moment, this is the shape of things to come and it looks good to me.

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