Three tales of trolls

Derek Powazek has an interesting post: Three Tales of Trolls which, for those of you who have not followed the evolution of this term, gives a nice back story on situations that are influencing its more modern meaning.

Troll (internet) on Wikipedia.

The Thomas Hawk – SF/MOMA incident is a fascinating situation in that it covers a lot of territory, including how fast someone like Hawk can get a blog post to go viral.

To be clear, I’m not saying Hawk was wrong in any of these cases. I’m just saying that when you keep being the victim in stories like this, one has to wonder if you may be trolling for a conflict.

I like Derek’s take on it and this gives us a new use for the term “troll.” Troll was initially analog: fishing boats trolling for shrimp, then digital: Nikon trolls causing problems in Canon forums, and now we’re on to both analog and digital: trolling (looking) for a conflict and then inciting digital trolls to go viral with the story, causing an enormous lynch mob.

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