Small publishers feel power of Amazon’s ‘Buy’ button

Small Publishers Feel Power of Amazon’s ‘Buy’ Button

Oh boy, Amazon throws weight around with “One-Click.” I think they also do it with Amazon Prime although I may be mistaken.

As a consumer who buys most of what I buy online, I’m always torn between Amazon and other online retailers who have less streamlined buying processes. I have both One-Click and Amazon Prime and they do what Amazon designed them to do, they pull me to use Amazon more than I might otherwise because of the ease with which I can buy there.

One-Click is being able to make a purchase with a single click of a button (you have 90 minutes to cancel the order).

Amazon Prime is free two day shipping on any item (even big, heavy ones) for a single yearly fee of $89. One has to use Amazon a lot to make this pay for itself but in our case, it does.

I once had an argument with an author who asked his online readers not to buy his book at Amazon. He preferred people buy it from his publisher because he got more money out of each purchase that way. I told him that if he didn’t approve of Amazon then he should stop his publisher from selling through them. While I want him to have as much of the sale price as possible, he can’t have it both ways: he can’t use Amazon’s huge marketing engine to spread word of the book and then ask us to buy it somewhere else. This is like me going into the local camera shop and examining cameras, then buying on Amazon. And, as a buyer, it’s my choice how I buy his book, not his. He got really mad. I didn’t buy the book.

He had a point but so do I. Apple made the smart move to license One-Click from Amazon for their online store and my guess is that it pays them huge dividends. Not that every small online retailer has the resources to license One-Click but most of them need to think hard about their online shopping experiences if they want to take sales away from Amazon.

It’s the process, stupid.

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