Sierra Nevada in Soho

Sierra Nevada in Soho

New York City. After delivering a musical instrument I sold on eBay the day before (my first eBay sale) and making the buyer extremely happy with the hand delivery which made me happy, it was beer time.

My friend had a Guinness and unfortunately I blew that shot. I was going to have a black and tan (Guinness poured over Bass) which would have been extremely photogenic but decided to whimp out and have my standard Sierra Nevada which, on tap, is darn good beer.

It’s rare to actually meet up with people you do business with on eBay, maybe even potentially weirder or riskier than many flickr meetups. However, in this case, the buyer sensed that I was safe and decent and I sensed the same about him. I’m sure things don’t always work out this way but it gives me hope for the world that sometimes they do.

Ice water

Ice water: a useful beer and dinner "chaser."

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