AirPort Express dies, AppleCare makes good

We have a wireless network in our house. An older (flying saucer) AirPort Extreme base station covers most of the house but in the days of the titanium PowerBook with it’s weak wifi capabilities, I wanted a stronger signal at the far end of the house so I bought an AirPort Express and used it to extend the network wirelessly with WDS. It has worked flawlessly for many years, not only giving us better wifi reception but also allowing us to play music from iTunes on our stereo system downstairs through AirTunes.

Yesterday I noticed that the AirPort Express wasn’t lit up and seemed to be dead. I moved it to another power outlet, reset it with a paper clip but could not get it to start up. No lights, no power.

I posted my predicament on flickr in a Macintosh group there and it seems there others have had similar problems.

I was about to order a new AirPort Express when a woman with username *Karo* posted that she had had a similar problem and the AppleCare service plan she had on her MacBook Pro covered a replacement. Wow, this was great news.

This morning I called AppleCare (which I have on my MacBook Pro) and a new AirPort Express is on its way to me now, no charge. Wow, now this is the way to do business.

I don’t think many people know this but when you have AppleCare on a Macintosh computer of any kind, all Apple network and peripheral equipment is covered under the same policy. I’m not sure what the limits of this are but certainly my two AirPort routers are fully covered, no matter how old they are. The serial number on my AirPort Express clearly shows that it was bought long before my current MacBook Pro but it did not matter, it’s covered.

This is great news and one more reason to consider AppleCare for those of you who never buy it.

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