Poinsettia shot with Canon PowerShot G7

Warren, Connecticut. Each holiday season my wife brings home a few poinsettias from parties at her school and most years they don’t make it through winter in the wood stove caused dry atmosphere of our house. This plant must be particularly hardy or my wife must be watering it constantly because winter is almost over and it’s still alive.

Poinsettia Under the Skylight

Poinsettia shot with Canon 5D and Canon EF 300mm f/4 L lens

I should be outside working on fruit trees but instead I’m experimenting with camera and lenses inside trying to cement some learning I did recently about focal length, aperture and depth of field.

The front of my 300mm lens is about seven feet from the plant, the plant is about one foot deep, and the back of the plant is about six feet from the wall behind it.

What am I trying to figure out? How to think about longer focal length lenses and apertures to isolate things in space when the objects behind them are close enough to show up in an image taken wide open with a fast 50mm lens or wider.

I’m sure there’s a formula for this but I’d like to have a more intuitive feel for the shot geometry coupled with the lens needed to make what I want happen.

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