Downward facing dog and warrior

Downward Facing Dog

New Preston, Connecticut. While in yoga class I had the idea to take some pictures of poses from the viewpoint of the person doing yoga. There’s something about these various views of pieces of one’s own body that struck me as interesting. The problem is, with this pose both hands are on the ground so I couldn’t shoot myself. I had my wife do the pose so I could hold the camera. The Sanskrit for this pose is: Adho-Mukha-Svanasana which in English means: Downward-Facing-Dog (asana = pose). It’s an inverted "V."

On the way to Warrior

The Sanskrit for what this pose will become is: Virabhadrasana which in English means: warrior pose (asana = pose). Note the splayed fingers and toes, both of which help with stability.

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