Tall glass

Tall Glass

Warren, Connecticut. I’m always on the lookout for simple, functional, and indexpensive glassware and it strikes me odd because my background is in ceramics; one would think I’d like stoneware to drink out of and eat off of. The simplicity and cleanliness of glassware coupled with its lightness and stackability easily trumps the baggage of my background. There’s nothing wrong with the individuality of handmade wares but both handmade and machine made can have wabi-sab.

Tall Glass with Ice and Water

I never knew using ice in water and other drinks was a matter of taste, I figured if people didn’t use it it was less that they didn’t like it, more that they forgot to make it. But my wife doesn’t use ice much at all, certainly not in water, and I followed her lead on this for the first ten years of our marriage thinking it was healthier. Call it a mid-life crisis but now I’m striking out on my own and putting ice in my water. Ice is good. Yeah!

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