My mother at 91

My mother at 91

My mother turned 91 yesterday (the reason I flew out to LA) and we celebrated with dinner at the Getty Museum with two of her cousins (also getting on in years).

She held court at the table, talking a bit too loudly (she’s losing her hearing) about politics, immigration, the old days, her computer not working, my photography, the wine, the food, problems of getting old and the alternative and more, taking whatever side was unpopular just to keep the verbal energy turned up high. She wasn’t happy that I sat across the table but it was the only way I could take pictures of her.

The Getty is a wonderful place: beautiful gardens and grounds, architecture, nice people running the place, sometimes a nice exhibit or two, a great gift shop, terrific views and clean air (for LA). My mother and I like to make it our special destination when I visit and even though walking around is tough for her these days (we use a wheelchair from time to time) she enjoys the visual and social stimulation.

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