Canon i9900 printer problem and solution

In the very last paragraph of my post on Buying a photo printer I noted that my friend Dale had been having problems with his Canon i9900, the same printer I have.

I’ve printed hundreds of images on my printer and only a few have shown problems but they were so minor I let them pass. However, in printing this tendril image the problem looked considerably worse. It looked like either a smudge from too much ink or possibly some extra ink stuck to one of the feed rollers.


I just got off the phone with Dale and he gave me a handy tip to try to solve the problem:

1. Take the paper out of the printer.

2. Turn the printer on.

3. With the printer on, hold down the form feed button (the other button, there are only two: power and the form feed) and watch the status light.

4. When the status light has blinked three times, let go. The printer will make some noise and attempt to feed paper and it will keep doing this cycle 4-5 times. When it’s done you can put paper back in and print.

I did this maintenance routine one time and reprinted the tendrils that were smudging and they turned out perfectly. I printed 4 copies and each one was perfect.

I don’t think there’s any downside to doing this cleaning routine, it uses no ink like a head cleaning does so I plan to do it after any long printing session just to keep the rollers clean.

Thanks Dale.


  1. Hello Richard,
    I tried your method as well as the head and nozzle cleanings and still get black marks on the back of my prints. (The front prints fine, but I make greeting cards and so this is a problem. I’d appreciate any ideas.
    Thank you,

    1. David, have you tried cleaning the rollers that pull the paper through? It might be coming from the bottom rollers. I’ve not had this printer for a long time so I’m afraid I can hardly remember the details. But, I know you can buy printer roller cleaning kits at business supply stores or on Amazon. Let me know if that helps.

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