I channelled Anne’s smile to you

I channelled Anne's smile to you

Last night my wife Anne dragged me to the holiday party the head of her school throws each year. I really shouldn’t say “dragged” because I’ve gotten to know some of her colleagues and they’re wonderful people. It was a great party but I don’t work there so I felt a bit awkward at times.

So, after I ran out of conversation I went into the room where we had piled our coats and pulled out my camera. Nothing better than a camera to hide behind at a time like this. It’s also a great conversation starter: either people go nuts over your equipment or they tell you theirs is bigger, longer, fancier, simpler, blah blah blah. No competing with me last night though: I had the 85mm f/1.2 mounted with its hood. Dang, that’s one kick-ass looking rig and I was shooting away like I knew what I was doing (most of my shots turned out like crap but they’ll never know).

Toward the end of the evening, after dinner I spotted Anne in conversation from across the room. She has the most open-hearted smile and it’s for real: she really is an open-hearted person.

I doubt I’m the only person on earth who knows what a great person she is, but the fact that I was able to capture it with my camera and share it makes me feel good about me.


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