Laurie Fais

Laurie at Averill Farm

Our dear friend Laurie Fais and two of her three daughters came to visit and it was an incredible time. We all headed up to Averill’s orchard to pick apples and look at the fall colors.

In 1986 Laurie hired me to start the computer program at The Forman School where she was the head of language training. I moved from Oregon to Connecticut and together, Laurie and I built what turned out to be one of the first computer-aided writing projects for dyslexic kids in the country. We only worked together for two years but what an intense and wonderful time it was. We did research, wrote groundbreaking curricula, wrote papers, traveled and presented and we were written up in The New York Times. Apple even made a video about our project and used it in advertising.

During this time, Laurie and her family became my family and later, after I met my wife Anne (indirectly through Laurie) they became her family too.

Laurie and her family moved to Japan where they lived for thirteen years only recently moving to Vancouver, BC. While they were in Japan Anne and I visited them and it was one of the greatest trips of our lives. Being in Japan was wonderful, of course, but being in Japan with Laurie and her family was what made it great.

So, when Laurie and her two daughters came to visit us last week it was a wonderful reunion and I got a nice whiff of both the early days of working with her as well as our great time in Japan.

I miss them already.

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