Cartoons make things clear

There are times (many actually) where I’d much prefer a clean, clear, and to the point political cartoon over a well-written article on a topic. There is something about reducing something to a frame or two that appeals to me. This is why I am a long time subscriber to Funny Times, a left-leaning collection of political cartoons and wirting by the likes of Molly Ivins and Dave Barry, among many others.

A great online collection of cartoons to check is Slate’s Daryl Cagle’s Cartoon Index and Salon has a nice collection as well, although I’m not sure you have to be signed up in their “premium” program to see them all.

Below is a list of artists who are worth tracking. Each has a different style, viewpoint, and take on the world so checking them all out is like scanning all the stories in google news to get a broader viewpoint. I may add a few more here from time to time and I hope you’ll comment on this post with your favorites.

Ted Rall
Andy Singer (No Exit)
Jen Sorensen (slowpoke)
Nina Paley
Eric Bezdek
Tim Eagan
Stephanie McMillan
Peter Kuper
William L. Brown
Ruben Bolling
Scott Bateman
Rhymes with Orange
Sidewalk Bubblegum
Joe Sharpnack (sharptoons)
Tom Tomorrow (this modern world)

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