Small Town Fireworks on Lake

waramaug_fireworks_2004The town we live in, Warren, Connecticut, has 1300 people in it. It’s just north of a wonderful lake called Lake Waramaug. The towns of Kent, New Preston, and Washington also share this lake and each Forth of July all the towns chip in for a fireworks show.

The tradition is that people on each town beach build a bonfire or set off flares so that we can see where we are across the large lake at night but these days it has evolved into anyone who wants on the shore building a fire or lighting flares. The perimeter of the lake has wonderful dots of light that show where people are hanging out, waiting for the display.

This year the fireworks seemed better than ever. I’m not sure if they really were, my memory is failing. I do know that our country is quite messed up at the moment and a long way from the spirit that the fireworks represent but it was nice to take a moment and just enjoy them, even in our current, Disney-esque decontextualized way.

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