Gary Sharp at SF MOMA

gary_sharpDuring one of my bigger life transitions in the late ’70s I was moving out of the art world and eventually into the world of computers. I was living in Eugene, Oregon in a rather “hermitic” existence. I had a daily routine that included walking a loop: library, health food store, book store, home. The book store was called “Koobdooga” which, until recently I did not know was A Good Book spelled backwards.

Because I’d stop in often and browse around (they had a nice selection of new age magazines, and the like) and once in a while buy a book (I was just starting to read seriously) I got to know the manager, Gary Sharp.

We became and remained friends for a few years and then Gary, who was working on a Masters in Library Science got a job on the Oregon coast as an assistant librarian (he is now the director of that library) at about the same time that I moved to Connecticut to start a computer lab at a school for dyslexic students.

For a number of years we just exchanged holiday cards and an occasional email. Then, I was going out to San Francisco for a conference and Gary said he’d come down and meet me there.

Since that meeting we’ve met up in San Francisco numerous times and Gary has been back here to our house in Connecticut for summer visits where we eat plenty of corn, kayak on the lake, and compare digital gadgets. Gary is one of my oldest and closest friends. Amazing how just a bit of effort can keep good friendships alive over time.

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