Rocks and reflection in Macedonia Brook

Rocks and reflection in Macedonia Brook

Macedonia State Park, Kent, Connecticut.

We took a walk in this gem of a park and while the walk was great, the brook was almost completely dry. We’ve had a drought this summer in the Northeast and it’s been tough on both the landscape and hikers who depend on running brooks for a water source.

Still brooks do make for nice reflections though so I guess there’s a bit of an upside.

Getty Center, various images

Getty Center tiles

The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California.

I’ve been visiting the Getty Center for sixteen years on visits to my recently passed mother. I’ve taken hundreds of images of the place. My wife, however, had never been there so we took some time to visit on our recent trip to LA.

It’s tough to remember to look down at the Getty but in fact, the floors are all made out of limestone, some of which is intricately detailed with fossils and other remnants of its earlier life as sandstone in another time.

Getty Center ceiling

One of the many things that’s great about the Getty is the juxtaposition of steel siding with stone on walls and ceilings. This alcove is one of my favorite such places.

Getty Center ivy

Richard Meier’s Getty architecture is quite stark so finding a wall of ivy there is almost a welcome relief.



Santa Monica beach.

While in Los Angeles, Anne and I took some time out to take a walk along the Venice boardwalk heading north up to Santa Monica. We took a diversion out on the sand and went down to the water and found some mounds of washed up kelp.

I’d forgotten how photogenic sea life like kelp can be. Edward and Brett Weston were certainly on to something.

While the Venice boardwalk with its colorful cast of characters is a street shooter’s dream, I prefer the un-pretentious kelp.

Primitive Technology: Tiled Roof Hut

This is a fantastic process video on making the “ceramic” or fired mud tiles for a hut. Another brilliant piece and this one particularly dear to my heart because of my background in ceramics.

There are many more at the Primitive Technology site and for those who prefer, he has a Primitive Technology YouTube Channel.

[via Dale Allyn]

Whales off New Caledonia

This is spectacular footage shot by a drone of three orca whales swimming around and under a boat off New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

This is a great use for a drone (in this case a DJI Inspire drone). However, note the blown highlights on the whitewater when the whales surface and on the spray when they blow. I don’t know a thing about drones or the cameras mounted on them but no doubt this is something drone photographers would want to keep in mind in choosing a camera for their drone (or a drone that comes with a built-in camera).

[via Sploid]