Bedford Ave

A young Hasidic boy reading a magazine on Bedford, Avenue. Note the payot (pronounced “payos” the Hebrew word for sidecurl).

My flickr contact Roy Savoy took these great images of Hasidic Jews in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York with his Ricoh GR II.

Bedford Ave

Two Hasidic boys on their bike with another reality in the background. Brilliant image.

Williamsburg Brooklyn

A confab of Hasidic men, two on cell phones.


Two Hasidic men, one with an amazing hat.

Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?

"Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?" from Dial M Films on Vimeo.

The story of the charming, honest ad campaign DDB created for VW… universally acknowledged to be the greatest and most influential of all time.

This is brilliant, both the ad campaign and the documentary. If you’re not old enough to remember these, just enjoy the idea that this was a revolution in advertising.

Note: I had a lot of VWs, from bugs and buses. I bought them cheap, worked on them, and used extras for parts or working models. How to Fix your Volkswagen for the Compete Idiot by John Muir was my bible.

[via Kottke.org]

John Oliver on the future of newspaper journalism

John Oliver discusses the disintegration of newspapers and their newsrooms (their advertising revenue is drying up) while aggregation sites like Huffington Post (and many others) routinely piggy-back on newspaper reporting without doing any of the work or paying adequately or at all for the information.


“We’ve just grown accustomed to getting our news for free. And the longer that we get something for free, the less willing we are to pay for it. And I’m talking to you, the person watching this segment on YouTube using the wifi from the coffee shop underneath your apartment. You’re killing us!”