The site is a collection of notes primarily on photography but lots of other things tossed in as well. It was started in 2003 as a self-hosted WordPress site and I’ve moved much of the content here.

About Richard
I have an MFA in fine and applied arts, was a serious rock climber for a while, and have been a semi-serious photographer much of my life. I’m retired now but the bulk of my “career” was working with Apple, Inc. and other clients as a technology consultant. I still run my life on Apple products and am interested in technology in general and this site reflects that.

Here are two stories that will tell you a bit more about me: One person’s path to literacy and
Rooster Rock, Julia King, and a climbing trip that changed my life.

If you use a newsreader/feed aggregator you might want to follow this site and comments made on posts here:


If you’re new to RSS, you might want to read this: What is RSS?.

Commenting, Following, and Social Media
I’m delighted this site is slowly picking up followers, an occasional comment and “likes.” That said, please note that I look at the sites of everyone who connects here but that I do not do quid pro quo “liking” or following. I acknowledge the things I like when I see them. I did an essay many years ago on problems I see with allowing concern with popularity on social media to affect one’s work and viewpoint. If you’re inclined, you may want to have a look: Flickr Explore.

The first time you comment here your comment will go into moderation and that includes people who were active on my old site (I’ve not moved the old comments database over). It’s automatic, not based on what you say. Once approved you can comment at will without moderation. If you comment on an entry, your comment will appear in the footer. The last 10 comments will appear there and will be supplanted by each new comment that comes along. Comment spam is deleted by robot (Akismet) and by human (me) as it is discovered. Off topic or innappropriate comments are deleted as I find them. Some comments get hung up in the spam filter for one reason or another and if they are legit I’ll find them and post them so be patient if this happens to one of yours.

I’ve been interested in virtual communities for quite some time, both the software that allows us to build them and the kinds of social interaction that they enable and I’ve been involved with a few successful ones including flickr where I host most of the photography embedded at this site. I also embed other photographer’s work from time to time with link backs and citations given.

Curated Posts
I’m pulling some older content out and posting links to it on a page you can get to in the header: Curated Posts. The list there will change from time to time.

Please note: As I move content over from my older site I’m posting things with their original posting dates which means you’ll have to dig through the archives to see older posts. My older site is one of the oldest blogs on the web (started in 2003 with a very early version of WordPress) and contains thousands of posts. Not all of them will be moved over here but the best ones will in time.

Dig around and stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.

rwanderman at gmail dot com

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