Mercedes Unimog


Flickr member aynstayn took this picture of an orange Mercedes Unimog truck in a brightly painted alley in Germany with his Sony RX100. Even if the color is amped up, the result makes the toy-like Unimog look even more toy-like and I love it.

A piece of me would love a truck like that for carrying firewood out of deep woods. My truck does the job but this would be so much cooler.

Andre D. Wagner, photographer

Andre D. Wagner, Photographer from abstractElements on Vimeo.

This is a very nicely done video on Brooklyn, NY based street photographer Andre D. Wagner.

This is the kind of guy I hope goes very far: he’s got all the right ideas and his work reflects both a great handle on process and a lot of trial, error, and learning. To do all of this with a wet process shows both great dedication to craft and, as he says in the film, a love of slowing things down.

I’m not a street photographer but if I ever got into it, Andre is the kind of street photographer I’d like to be.

[via PetaPixel]

Murin-an garden

momiji '14 - autumn foliage #19 (Murin-an, Kyoto)

My flickr contact Marser posted these amazing image taken from inside Murin-an garden in Kyoto, Japan with his Ricoh GR. He’s got some of the best autumn color imagery from Japan I’ve ever seen and amazingly, it’s done with the little Ricoh GR. This is a tough exposure, looking from inside an unlit room to a bright outside.

Mt. Race, south ridge

Mt. Race, south ridge

Looking north, 2014

Appalachian Trail, southwest Massachusetts.

Loren, Dave and I hiked down into Sage’s Ravine, then up onto the south ridge of Mt. Race in about four inches of snow. This is a section of the AT I maintain so we cut some downed branches blocking the trail and made a list of work we need to do in the spring.

Loren is pointing toward Sheffield, Massachusetts down in the valley where there is no snow.

No snowshoes or spikes needed and it was a perfect day. This is looking north up toward the top of Race and you can see where this picture is taken from if you check out this similar shot from last year looking the opposite way down the trail. The last white bump on the ridge is where we are in the above photograph.

Mt. Race, south ridge

Looking south, 2013

Dave even has on the same bright orange knit hat so you can’t miss him.