View from the Shard, London at night

The view from the Shard.

Here’s a similar image earlier in the day: View from the Shard, London.

Flickr member ikerr posted this excellent view of the River Thames, the Tower Bridge, London City Hall (the tilting building on the right) the ceramic poppy installation (red) from the Shard, Europe’s tallest building taken with his Fuji X100S.

Pine grove

Pine grove

West of Great Barrington, Massachusetts on the Appalachian Trail.

We took a hike from Rt. 23 to the Housatonic River on the AT to inspect some trail work that’s been done in the past year. At the very end of the hike is this pine grove. Even though it was no doubt planted by hand (the trees are in rows) the light in groves like this makes them extremely photogenic. I almost always stop to take a picture of a grove like this, either across or up.

AirPort issues with Yosemite

In the old days (a few years ago) I’d be among the first to do Mac OS system upgrades. And, over the years Apple has gotten a lot better at making the process easy and reliable. These days I take a bit more time because I depend on various applications that don’t always get upgraded with the system. Best to protect your core applications until you’re sure their various developers have versions that run with a new version of the OS.

All of that said, I upgraded to Yosemite a few days after the free update went live. The process was painless and easy and on the first day I upgraded my various printer drivers (HP LaserJet 1022n, Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and Dymo LabelWriter 450) and never missed a beat on printing.

I heard that some had problems keeping their wifi connections working but I never experienced that.

Today, however, I decided to go through both my applications and utilities folder and run everything to see if and then how Apple changed their core applications (they haven’t really updated the Keychain Utility, too bad). When I ran Airport Admin utility it showed that I was connected to the internet but would not bring up my AirPort Extreme base station. So, I was connected to it but could not see it in AirPort Admin.

I ran AirPort Admin on my iPad and the base station showed up, so, this was a problem with either my new MacBook Pro and/or, the Yosemite upgrade.

It seems others are having similar problems: OSX Yosemite Wifi issues.

My friend Edward (and others) sent me an article that contained numerous possible fixes, here’s the one that worked: Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC).

The SMC controller is a chip that holds settings that sometimes needs to be reset. For new MacBook Pros with non-removable batteries, holding down: Shift + Control + Option (on the left side of the keyboard) and the power button at the same time for 10 seconds, then letting go, then powering up, will reset the SMC.

Once that was done Airport Admin recognized my AirPort Base Station.

This is less of an issue for me as I never had problems connecting to wifi, but if I had a Time Capsule (an AirPort Base Station with built in hard disk running Time Machine) I’d be out of luck for backups and many are having that problem.

I don’t know if this SMC reset will work for every instance of the problem, but it worked for me.



West of Great Barrington, Massachusetts on the Appalachian Trail.

We took a hike from Rt. 23 to the Housatonic River on the AT to inspect some trail work that’s been done in the past year.

I’ve always liked this ravine although I’ve never thought to stand on one side and shoot straight across at the other side (duh). I got a number of interesting images like this one, all at 6400 ISO and I like this image well enough so that next time I’ll bring a small tripod and take this picture again at lower ISO. Shooting straight across at a varied landscape like this gives lots of opportunity to get all the little details in focus.